Family Picnic 2012

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Thomians “young” and “old”, and their respective families, congregated at the picturesque Simeon Park for the Annual STC OBA picnic. While attendance was a departure from previous years, the attendees nevertheless enjoyed the gathering in true Thomian fashion. The highlight of the afternoon was a soft ball cricket match between the Thomians and arch-rivals Royal College OBA. While the outcome of the game favoured the Royalists, the banter during the course of the game was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by both parties.

Post-match ceremonies entailed many of the Royalists gathering at the Thomian tent to be entertained in exemplary Thomian fashion. In high spirits and “high in spirits”, the Royalists and Thomians reflected and reminisced, and occasionally stretched their vocal chords, which exemplified the “traditional sing-along”.
It is noteworthy that while attendance at this event had eroded over the years, the effect had very little impact on the spirit of the attendees. The event thus culminated with a promise by many to re-congregate the following year in order to celebrate in grand fashion.

“Esto Perpetua”
Dinesh Thiagarajah

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