Rugby Carnival 2012

Sri Lanka Schools Rugby 2012
Oakville Crusaders Rugby Club –

Sep 29, 2012

Rugby Carnival 2012



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The morning of September 29th 2012 dawned in early fall with bright sunshine answering the fervent prayers of the President STC OBA  and the organizing committee of DR Weerasinghe and Goddy Kumarage along with the experienced Gerhard Munaweera, who would also be Captain of the Thomian Rugby team.  The weather gods heard these prayers and settled down themselves to watch a beautiful day of rugby to be played among the Sri Lanka Schools in Toronto.  It was 18 degrees Celsius, ideal temperature for the players and spectators who gathered during the day in their numbers.  By 9:00 am the pop up tents were fast coming up and the team members in their various colours of their old schools brought a beautiful hue that would last till the early hours of the evening.  A great day for sportsmanship, fellowship and competition was well on its way.

A significant feature of this year’s tournament was the return of those champions of Sri Lanka Schools Rugby, Trinity College, back in the tournament after a lapse of one year.   In fact Trinity fielded two teams, with one being the older players among them, the’ Pinkies’ Team comprising of the legendary Rugby Lions from Trinity – Ravi Ponnabalam and Pradeep Adhihetty, ably assisted by President OBA, Ananda Wickramasinghe, who participated ‘just for the love of the game’.  A surprise inclusion (a secret leaked to arch rivals – Royal beforehand as a scare tactic)  in the Thomian team was a female player- Joey Candappa (daughter of Thomian Malik Candappa), an accomplished player on her own right having  participated in Female Rugby Tournaments  in Ontario.  Another first that STC can boast of.

The teams participating were last year’s champions, St. Anthony’s Katugastota, Royal College, S. Thomas’ College, St. Joseph’s –St. Peter’s and Trinity College with two teams.

By the time the break for lunch came at around 11.45 am, the possible champion teams remaining were emerging.  The scores leading to the final were as follows:


1)       SAINTS                  22                                   PINKIES                  00
2)       ROYAL                   07                                   TRINITY                   10
3)       ST. ANTHONYS    07                                   SAINTS                   05
4)       S.THOMAS’           07                                   TRINITY                   07
5)       PINKIES                 05                                   ST. ANTHONYS     17
6)       S.THOMAS’           26                                    ROYAL                    00

7) S.THOMAS’             00                                   SAINTS                     10
8) TRINITY                   07                                   ST. ANTHONYS      00

TRINITY                  10                                   SAINTS            07
3rd Place              S.THOMAS’ received a walk over from ST. ANTHONYS

ROYAL                     10                                   PINKIES          05

An unfortunate event at this years’ tournament was the conceding of a walkover to S.Thomas, by St.Anthony’s due to a slight flaw in the interpretation of the rules.  The rules of the tournament will be further tightened next year to avoid such an event recurring.  The apologies of the STC OBA President to St. Anthony’s for any lapse in the organization of the tournament has been accepted.  St. Anthony’s will return for next year’s tournament.
A most enjoyable day hosted by the Oakville Crusaders Rugby Club, who in turn had a family day concurrently.  Music and sound was provided by Glen Ragel, and a food stall serving Hoppers and Fried Rice by Sonali kept everyone who attended well fed and satisfied.
Once again, a great event organized by the STC OBA Canada.

Hiran A

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