Celebration of Life 2013 – Muslims

Celebration of Life 2013 – Muslim Service

Celebration of Life – Muslim event held on Sunday, May 26, 2013:

The muslim event, as part of STC OBA Canada’s Celebration of Life activities brought together about twenty of us including members, their families and friends to an enlightening talk by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani that highlighted our common prayer to be rightly guided and to give thanks.  Shaykh Rabbani appreciated the Association’s effort in bringing people together in a spiritual setting to bring about greater understanding and appreciation.

Apart from the Thomians at the gathering, there was a Royalist and a Zahirian as well as a couple of other nationalities – so the event shone a very positive light on STC-OBA Canada.

The event was held at the SeekersHUB, an Islamic Learning Centre in Mississauga that welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.  Shaykh Rabbani and his team at the SeekersHUB were great hosts.

The talk was followed by an enjoyable fellowship. Thank you to the members who so kindly brought in refreshments that kept us going through reflective thoughts, laughter and, of course, a hark back to the good old days at STC.

Malik Majeed