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27 Points to Nothing Bashing!

It’s the 27th of August 2005, the much-awaited day for all the rugby fans in Toronto. Yes, I’m talking about the fifth annual Sri Lanka schools Rugby Sevens Carnival, organized by the OBAs of S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia and Trinity College, Kandy.

The event took place on a bright and sunny day with the cool breeze brushing our faces, at the picturesque settings of Brampton Rugby Union Football Club, Kennedy Road, Brampton.

Five of the best schools from Sri Lanka were represented at this carnival. S.Thomas’ College, Trinity College, Royal College, St. Anthony’s College, St. Peters’ College and St. Joseph’s College brought in some of their best ruggerites that have represented their respective schools in the past, back home. Due to lack of players St. Peters College and St. Joseph’s College played a combined team, Joe/Pete.

The weather gods were very kind; with good weather the whole day, and producing ideal conditions for rugby during the semi-finals and finals.

I was very glad to be at the grounds from 8.00 a.m. onwards, with that versatile Thomian sportsman and former Colombo schools rugby captain, CR & FC stalwart and currently Vice President of STC OBA, and chief organizer of this Carnival, Ranjan Weerasinghe. Better known as either DR, or Doc, this man has talent and the patience to bear with any situation and get over all adversaries with ease and tact. I observed how he handled the carnival from the scorer’s desk and have concluded that no one else could have done a better job.

DJ Glen Ragell provided the sound and music all through the day; in spite of the rain that came down around 5.00 p.m. when he had to move all his equipment into the club house in haste.

All the sponsors were all well represented with their banners floating around the grounds. A very big thank you to them, and to the man who was responsible for bringing them in, Mr. Sirimal Abeywardene, an old Peterite, journalist and editor of the monthly paper in Canada, The Sri Lankan Reporter.

Caterers provided Sri Lankan food that kept every mouth moving munching and biting the chicken, beef, prawns, with yellow rice. There were sandwiches, patties, cutlets and coffee too. Another stall provided Hoppers with sambol and chicken curry. The clubhouse was open at 11.00 a.m. to cater to those with a taste for some alcohol and malt.

With all these in the background, the first game commenced at 10.00 a.m., as scheduled.

The rules of the game for those who are not familiar are as follows:
Duration: 7 minutes each half, with a 3-minute break.
This rule was observed up to the semi-finals and the 3rd place game.
Duration of 10 minutes each half, with a 5-minute break for the Finals.
There were 10 round robin games; the first four teams were picked. If any two teams tied for points, the team with the highest score in their favour was picked.

The first semi-final was between the First and the Fourth team.
The second semi-final was between the Second and the Third team.
The Finals was between the winners of the Semi-finals.
The run of play!

1) S.Thomas’ College vs Royal College

Winners: S.Thomas’ College.
Scores: 34-0 S.Thomas’ College 3 points
Royal College 1 point

2) St.Anthony’s College vs Joe/Pete combined

Winners: Joe/Pete combined.
Scores: 0-27 St. Antony’s College 1 point
Joe/Pete combined 3 points

3) Trinity College vs Royal College

Winners: Trinity College
Scores: 19-0 Trinity College 3 points
Royal College 1 point

4) S.Thomas’ College vs St. Anthony’s College

Winners: S.Thomas’ College
Scores: 57-0 S. Thomas’ College 3 points
St. Anthony’s College 1 point

5) Joe/Pete combined vs Trinity College

Winners: Trinity College
Scores:05-17 Joe/Pete combined 1 point
Trinity College 3 points

6) Royal College vs St. Anthony’s College

Winners: Royal College
Scores: 27-05 Royal College 3 points
St. Anthony’s College 1 point

7) S.Thomas’ College vs Joe/Pete combined

Winners: S.Thomas’ College
Scores: 26-0 S. Thomas’ College 3 points
Joe/Pete combined 1 point

8) Trinity vs St. Anthony’s College

Winners: Trinity College
Scores: Walk Over conceded by St. Anthony’s College
Trinity College 3 points
St. Anthony’s College 0 points

9) Royal College vs Joe/Pete combined

Winners: Draw
Scores: 15-15 Royal College 2 points
Joe/Pete combined 2 points

10) S.Thomas’ College vs Trinity College

Winners: Trinity College
Scores: 10-12 S. Thomas’ College 1 point
Trinity College 3 points

By virtue of points,

1.) Trinity College 12 points
2.) S. Thomas’ College 10 points
3.) Joe/Pete combined 07 points
4.) Royal College 07 points
5.) St Anthony’s College 03 points

Since Joe/Pete combined and Royal College tied for 07 points each, their individual scores were tabulated, and Joe/Pete combined had 47 points vs Royal College’s score of 42 points. According to the rules, Joe/Pete combined gets the 3rd spot and Royal the 4th.

No 1 plays No 4 in the first semi-final.
No 2 plays No3 in the second semi-final.


Trinity College vs Royal College
Winner: Trinity College
Scores: 20-0


S. Thomas’ College vs Joe/Pete combined
Winner: S. Thomas’ College
Scores: 29-05


Royal College vs Joe/Pete combined
Winner: Joe/Pete combined
Scores: Walk over conceded by Royal College.


Trinity College vs S. Thomas’ College
Winner: S. Thomas’ College
Scores: 27-0

Referees: Mr. Carl Saboda , Mr. Steve Scott and Doctor R. Paramsothy. The first two alternated as referee and touch judges while Dr. Paramsothy was a touch judge.

Our sincere thanks to the referees for the handling of all the games in a true professional manner, and conduct.

Our special thanks to Doctor Paramsothy, a former ruggerite from St. Peter’s College, CR & FC and Air Force, for volunteering and doing an excellent job.

Thank you very much to the Disciplinary Committee, chaired by non other than Mr. Hamzie Hameed, former Sri Lankan and St. Peters College wing three quarter. Former Trinity Lion, Mr. Ravi Ponnambalam, former Royal center Mr. Sukumar Subramaniam and the Josephian stalwart Mr. Chris Serpanchy – a tough job, well handled, ably assisted him.

A wonderful tournament conducted in true professional manner, and the conduct was excellent in the best of sportsmanship, by all the schools taking part in this Carnival.

I was happy to note that this event went off without any unwanted incidents. Spectator behaviour was excellent.

We had no complaints of the grounds arrangements and the facilities in the clubhouse nor the food stalls or parking.

All teams taking part played the game like true sportsman and brought rugby to its helm. Hats off to the coaches of all teams, for taking so much of their busy schedules to bring the players together to play as a team. We saw a very few selfish play or bunching up of players that need a lot of brushing up. It was also heart-warming to see a couple of seniors joining in the fray, showing that their fitness has not gone down very much, though slowed down tremendously from their yeoman years.

We should encourage more and more teams with youngsters and fit enough Old boys of other schools to join in and make this tournament more successful for the future of rugby to survive in Canada.

At this junction, may I suggest that the OBA consider sending our team to play in other provinces. This might be a bit of a problem, but I was just thinking loud.

Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to Gerhard and his boys for that wonderful showing in the field from the first game to the last. You are an excellent set of dedicated players who have brought pride not only to the OBA, but also to your Alma mater. Your dedication, team spirit, discipline in listening to your captain, and

Your behaviour in and off the field was par excellence, and demonstrated that you were true THOMIANS.

Esto perpetua!

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