Stag Night 2012

Stag Night 2012


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Once again the third day of the annual Royal - Thomian Cricket Match played in Colombo arrived.  As in the past, STC OBA Canada celebrates this day with Stag Night.  A night that boys will and can be boys again, away from wives and girl friends.  This year too, the event was held at St. Philips Parish Hall at 60, Dixon Road, Etobicoke.  The Stag Night which commenced at 7:00 pm, followed a Special General Meeting of the members to consider and take a vote on the proposal to register the STC OBA Canada as a Not for Profit Organisation under the laws and regulations of the Province of Ontario.
Webmaster, Sajeewa Peiris gave an exhibition of showing all those present a slide show of pictures beamed on a large screen from the game in Colombo.  Later on, he showed actual live streaming of some highlights of the third day game.

To get everyone present into the right mood and in the right spirits, the guys gathered inside the STC Boys Tent along with a collection of traditional rivals from Royal College to imbibe with some blessings from Lord Bacchus.  DJ Chamil Welikala then got the sounds and beat going to get the toes a tapping.  Assistant Social Secretary, Hiran Perera got the party under way by vocalizing some oldies.  One by one, most present got onto the dance floor to get the party underway.  Soon it was Papare sounds and typical big match fare played by DJ Chamil. By 9:00 pm the party was well on its way, with most present stomping around and swaying to the sounds of the beat.
Dinner was announced at 10:00 pm.  Everyone gathered went downstairs and tucked into a spicy and tasteful fare of Pittu, Noodles, Mus Curry, Pol Sambol and Brinjal. Dessert of Fruit Salad and Ice Cream, followed.

Dinner time was followed by the very talented Thomian musicians, Kumaru Wijesundera on Guitar, Shantha Jayasekera on Congo Drum, Hiran Perera on Keyboard taking stage.  The singing took off with several Royalists too joining in the lusty singing.  Pianist, Ravi Niles then joined the group and the singing took on a greater momentum for another hour or so.
Social Secretary, Balen Rajanathan worked tirelessly throughout the evening to ensure that everyone was well fed and nothing was overlooked.  Assistant Treasurer, Sakthi Arumugam assisted by Suresan and Assistant Secretary, Sri Rangan, manned the doors to register all those attending the event, collect cash and handout dinner and drink tickets.  Daya Ginige, continued to record the event with his camera throughout the evening.  Gamini Kumarage and Chian de Silva served as Barmen throughout the evening.

The evening wound down at around 12:00 am.  A well organized event, where everyone enjoyed.  But it was rather disappointing to note that many of the younger old Thomians, gave the event a skip.

Hiran A