The inaugural Over-50s Cricket World Cup

A proud moment for the STC OBA Canada. Two of our long time members have been selected to represent Canada in the  The inaugural Over-50s Cricket World Cup. 
The inaugural Over-50s Cricket World Cup will be held in Sydney, from 20 Nov to 5 Dec, 2018
Hosts Australia join with 7 other national teams to do battle for the trophy.
Nations represented are:
 New Zealand
 South Africa
 Sri Lanka
Each team will play each other once in a round-robin series. Following the completion of this stage, the top 4 teams will play semi-finals culminating in a Grand Final on Wednesday 5 December 2018 for the O50s Cricket World Cup.
Matches will be played at 25 locations within and close to Sydney. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.
The tournament organisers recently announced that Trevor Chappell will be the Over-50s World Cup Ambassador.
Round 1 (21 November)
England vs. Pakistan
New Zealand vs. South Africa
Australia vs. Sri Lanka
Wales vs. Canada
Round 2 (22 November)
South Africa vs. England
Australia vs. New Zealand
Canada vs. Sri Lanka
Pakistan vs. Wales
Round 3 (25 November)
Australia vs. England
New Zealand vs. Canada
South Africa vs. Pakistan
Sri Lanka vs. Wales
Round 4 (26 November)
Australia vs. South Africa
Canada vs. England
Wales vs. New Zealand
Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka
Round 5 (28 November)
England vs. Wales
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka
Canada vs. South Africa
Australia vs. Pakistan
Round 6 (29 November)
England vs. New Zealand
South Africa vs. Sri Lanka
Canada vs. Pakistan
Australia vs. Wales
Round 7 (2 December)
South Africa vs. Wales
Australia vs. Canada
Sri Lanka vs. England
Pakistan vs. New Zealand
Semi-finals and “plate” games (3 December)
1st-ranked vs. 4th ranked teams
2 vs. 3
5 vs. 8
6 vs. 7
Plate finals (4 December)
Winner of 5 vs. 8 against winner of 6 vs. 7
Final (5 December)
Back row (left-to-right): Abhilash Patel, Syed Rafiullah, Javed Qureshi, Mahmood Ahmed, Vincent Correia, Vishan de Me (STC)l, David Mohammed, Brian Rajadurai (St. Josephs), Shantha Jayasekera(STC), Puvendrun Ravishankar Front row (left-to-right): Rudi Gibson, Rohan Jayasekera (Royal), Farooq Kirmani (Player/coach), Talal Iqbal (Captain), Asad Khan (Vice-captain) and Roy Singh.
Congratulations Shantha and Vishan, All Thomians wish you the best of luck, make us proud!

Esto Perpetua!
Rajit Kadirgamar

Secretary, STC OBA- Canada