Annual Christmas Party (2017)

2017 Annual Christmas Party-December 2nd – Event recap and photos

On Saturday December 2nd, 2017 the evening light began to fade, and the early winter winds gently rustled the leaves on the trees around the chalet at Simeon Park. A group of old and young Thomians gathered around the warmth of the centrally located fire place to share some festive eats and a drink or two.

The 2017 Annual Christmas party got under way around 7pm, members, family and friends trickled in as the evenings events began. To get everyone into the mood music maestro Daya Ginige had all the Christmas classics playing on the jukebox. One man band Rollinson Ferdinandez set up quickly and took over the evening’s entertainment, often accompanied by all the usual singers. On this night we were lucky to have on the open mike, the likes of Gihan, Rasitha, Shanaka, Kumaru and the very special vocal stylings of Robin Mendis.

Kids under 12 were occupied by games and crafts until Santa made an appearance. Story time with Mrs. Clause (Sepa) was a big hit again this year.  After a few attempts at the snowman shaped piñata one good hit sent the kids into a frenzy chasing after candy and toys strewn on the floor.

Dinner preparation began around 8.30pm and the endless line for hoppers lasted deep into the evening. Delicious Egg, milk and plain hoppers accompanied by the various sambols and mutton curry were a huge hit with everyone. The evening wrapped up around midnight, with best wishes to all for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season.

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