Board Gamers Event 2017

We had a great turn out at the annual charity Bingo, Scrabble, Chess, Carrom and Poker event. members started to trickle in as early as 9.00AM.  By 11.00Am we had a full house (pun intended) in the high tech poker room. Talcum powder and the Red Queen dominated the Carrom room, while the smart kids threw down many words at each other to gain the most points.  The BBQ was fired up at noon for some delicious A&W burgers with all the fixings.
The day ended with a few highly engaging games of Bingo. Many a joke was had at the expense of DR and Daya at their skill at handling the (Bingo) balls.
A big thank you to the Metho OGA for their partnership and support in the event, as expected they cleaned up in the scrabble event. We even had a few royalists join us on the day and win some prizes in Chess of all things.
A very big thank you to our EXCO and Daya Ginige who went above and beyond to plan and execute a flawless event. They donated the food, supplies, location and prizes for this charity event.

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