Dr. David Ponniah Scholarship Trust



In the pictures accompanying this article, you would seen Ramesh Abayasekara on behalf of STC OBA NSW Australia handing over a sum of Rs. 166.500 being the proceeds from AUD 1250 raised from the sale of 50 copies of the publication  by the OBA NSW.  Ramesh, single handedly with support from President Eksath Perera, sold all 50 copies sent.  A great effort very much appreciated by all of us.


Thereafter, the undersigned,  gifted Rev. Marc Billimoria a complimentary copy of the publication – Reflections.
The Secretary of the STC OBA Mount Lavinia, Dilshan Jayasuriya, who also then graced the occasion later, was handed over a cheque for Rs. 31,500 being the collections made by members in Canada on the appeal made to assist the student who was undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.  We thank all members from Canada who contributed.
Along with some other personal contributions a total of Rs. 280,000 was handed over to Rev Marc Billimoria to launch the Scholarship Trust.  With the sale of 50 copies each now with the STC OBAs in Melbourne, Los Angeles the UK and 150 with the Secretariat at Mount Lavinia, the net proceeds from sales will go towards further enhancing the scholarship trust.
The initial trustees of the scholarship trust will be, Warden Professor Indra Soysa, Sub Warden Rev Marc Billimoria, Dr, David Ponniah and Hiran Adhihetty.  Our grateful thanks to law firm, Dl & F de Saram, and in particular,Dijen de Saram, , for preparing the trust document and registering it in Sri Lanka.


A big thank you to all members of the STC OBA Canada for supporting this initiative with the hope that it will make a difference in years to come for the ‘School by the Sea’

Hiran Adhihetty



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