Scrabble Tournament 2013

Sri Lanka Schools Alumni Associations – Scrabble, Poker & Bingo Tournament 2013, organized jointly by Methodist College Alumni Canada & STC OBA Canada



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Scrabble, Poker and Bingo 2013

On a rather balmy winter day of Saturday, February 23rd 2013, members gathered at the beautiful UFCW premises in Mississauga to conduct the third annual Scrabble, Poker and Bingo tournament.

The event turned out to be a bit of a disappointment with the ‘no show’ of the ladies from Methodist PPA.  Someone in their midst had spread the word of a major snow storm resulting in all their members not showing up and making other plans.  Nevertheless, the ladies from St. Bridget’s along with their children showed up to enjoy the day with the Thomians and their wives.

The day’s events commenced with Scrabble being played on four boards with opposing players from STC and Bridget’s.  The pace of words being formed with double words and triple words and on many occasions perfect seven letter words led by the Bridgetians.

The Poker tournament organized by Chian de Silva and Sanjay Perera then commenced with gatherings in several tables. After several hours of matching their wits against each other, the winners of the tournament emerged in the form of two brothers Azim and Zahran Ousmand.

After a break for lunch and snacks, all gathered for the day, sat down to a most enjoyable session of Bingo.  Several winners emerged for completing one liners, diagonal lines and complete sheets.  Sumith Samarasinghe was all smiles on winning on more than one occasion with the shout ‘Bingo’.

The proceedings ended with awards being handed out, the awards were donated by Balen Rajanathan.

Scrabble Winners
Kaveri Raviraj of SBC                   411 points
Kushi Perera of SBC                    340 points
Pramuk Weerasinghe of STC    297 points

Poker Winners
Azim Ousmand        Winner
Zahran Ousmand    1st Runner up

All gifts for winners donated by the Shopping Channel and UFCW courtesy of Jehan Ahamed.


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