Scrabble/Poker/Bingo Tournament 2014

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The Scrabble/Poker/Bingo tournaments, organized by STC OBA Canada and Methodist College Alumni were held on Sunday February 23rd  at the UFCW auditorium.  All those present had an enjoyable day.

Thanks to Shantha, Chian & Sanjay for organizing the Poker event.

Thanks to Daya for the sound and the tiring work.

Thanks to Jehan for organizing the premises.

Methodist & St. Bridget’s ladies, many thanks for attending.

Scrabble winners:
1st Prize – Ms. Siva Rajah – St, Bridget’s
1st Runner-up – Ms. Kushi Perera – St. Bridget’s
2nd Runner-up – D.R. Weerasinghe – STC

Poker winners:
1st prize:-Sasha Latka
2nd prize: – David Pyke
3rd prize: – Ms. Julia Arsarathnam


D.R. Weerasinghe

(Event organizer)


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