Royal-Thomian Sing-a-long

A night of Song and Dance at the Roy Tho Sing-A-Long 2023
The 46th Roy-Tho One Day encounter was celebrated in Ontario with a Sing-A-Long with family
and friends of the old boys of both Colleges on the 24th of March 2023.The true camaraderie
came together as everyone enjoyed the night with Good Music and Dancing, for both young and
old alike.

The function was held at the JC’s Banquet and Convention Hall in Toronto which was decorated
in the Blue Black and Blue and the Royal Blue and Gold, setting the ambiance for a great
evening which made the event even more close to home, with the flags of both schools draped
to take all of us back to our school days, that were ever so cherished by one and all.
The event was patronized by all friends and family of Old Thomians and Old Royalists alike and
there was a substantial turnout, given the fact that the event was held during the season of Lent
and Ramadan Fasting.
The event was held for which tickets were sold, which included a splendid spread of Sri Lanka
Cuisine and short-eats and a cash bar with free-flowing beverages that met the expectations of
all who were present.A raffle ticket draw too was held as well during the course of the night. The
entertainment for the night was a three-member band comprising of Ravi Niles, Shantha
Jayasekera and Kumara WijesundaraThe Evening was kept alive by a very lively and energetic
Master of Ceremonies, Dayan De Silva
The songs performed by the Band and the DJ -Chamil Welikala who managed the Karaoke
Session and music,were well received by the guests for both the English Songs and Nostalgic
Sinhalese Songs from all ages, keeping the crowd singing along taking all of us down memory

Everyone took to the floor and danced into the night from Pop/Rock and Baila and line Dancing,
which were enjoyed by all. The Sing-A-long ended in the early hours of the morning with all
leaving having made new memories and new friends, from both Schools.
A big thank you to all who attended and made it a Sing-A-Long to remember and A special
thank you to the Executive Committee for their unstinted advice, guidance, and contributions in
terms of effort and time.A special thanks to Echitharan Fernando and Samindra Madanayake for
all the effort put towards ensuring the event was a success.
Looking forward to many more events of fellowship during the year.

Esto Perpetua
Dinesh Asirwatham Assistant Secretary – STC OBA Canada