Rugby Event 2018

Ned Haig and David Sanderson, would have been proud to witness the Sri Lanka schools Rugby Sevens event on August 12th. A game they conceived in 1883 in Melrose Scotland, now being played around the world at many levels.

Fletcher’s field was taken over for the day by six of the best Sri Lankan School alumni groups. Flags and jerseys were proudly on display. Spectators, Ex Rugby greats, young and old fans of this fast paced game all gathered on this extremely hot August day to watch their school team battle for the coveted Quentin Israel Memorial Trophy.

A very big Thank you to the STCOBA- CANADA team lead by D R Weerasinghe, Gamini Kumarage and Gerhard Munaweera for planning and leading the JOC to pull off this very successful event. Also behind the scenes we had Exco members Daya Ginige, Malik Candappa, Prasad Jinasena, Ram thirugnanam, Rajit Kadirgamar and president Jehan Ahamed all come together to lend a helping hand during the event. The 2017/2018 Exco would like thank the OBA members who supported the event by attending.


Round Robin

1st game Royal Blues 34 Trinity 0

2nd STC 36 and Royal Gold 0

3rd Pinkies 0 and St Peters 19

4th Royal Blue 29 and St Joseph’s

5 5th STC 31 and Pinkies 5

6th St Peters 15 and Trinity 5

7th Pinkies 15 and Royal Gold 10

8th STC 12 and St Peters 12

Semi Finals

Royal Blue 5 and St Peters 0

STC 19 and St Joseph’s 10

Finals Royal

Royal 12 and STC 0

2018 Runners up:

2018 Winners:

3 rd Place:

For event Photos by Daya Ginige: follow the link below

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