Scrabble Tournament 2012

Sri Lanka Schools Alumni Associations – Scrabble, Poker & Bingo Tournament 2012, organized jointly by Methodist College Alumni Canada & STC OBA Canada



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Dear Members,

Scrabble, Poker & Bingo –  Y2012

Incredible! Yes, one word is all that is required to describe the event conducted on a relatively mild winter day at the UFCW Auditorium in Missisauga on Saturday, February 25th 2012 commencing at 10:00 am.
The inaugural Scrabble tournament organized jointly with the St. Bridget’s Convent OGA in Y2010, was unfortunately not repeated in Y2011.  Never giving up on this idea, Past President Dulsri Ranjan Weerasinghe coaxed the Methodist College Association of Canada to join the Thomians this year in jointly organizing this event which was expanded to include Poker and Bingo tournaments too.

The morning activities commenced with 18 players matched to try their wits on Scrabble.  Once again the players from St. Bridget’s who totally showed up the Thomians at the early event were there in strength.  Not to be outdone, Methodist too brought in their players, which included Sakthi Arumugam at his wife’s insistence representing her team.  Hiran Adhihetty had a totally poor showing scoring only 90 points to Sakthi’s over 200.  Another round among the losers was then held to see which of the best in that group would move onto another round. Pramuk Weerasinghe totally rattled Hiran by opening his play with a 7 letter word – SNARERS. On challenging such a start, it was found there is such a word.  To add insult to injury, Hiran had to forego a turn at play.  Soon Pramuk took total charge of the board and racked up over 350 points with Hiran trailing far behind with about 190 points to lose once again.
The finals were now drawing near.  Previous champion Kaveri, met her match in sister-in-law who was a reluctant participant initially.  Kushi Perera then showed total class as a champion player by outclassing Kaveri.  What a pleasure it was to watch this game.  But the best was left for last, when Kaveri’s son, Vimalan Raviraj beat out aunt Kushi to be the ultimate winner.

Winners & Awards
Highest Single Word Score        80 points    Kushi Perera
Highest Score                          557 points    Vimalan Raviraj
Winner of Tournament                               Vimalan Raviraj
The champions once again – St. Bridget’s.
The team from STC promise that they will practice, read dictionaries and improve on their English for next year’s tournament.  Evidently, Arndt, Rifle Mendis and Raja Asirwatham are rolling in their graves at the shame the STC OBA Team have put them through, once again.

Here the Thomian team led by Shantha Jayasekera, Chian de Silva and Sanjay Perera held their own in organizing the tournament to flawless perfection.  The electronic interface and the well laid out Auditorium gave an ambience that would have put even a Las Vegas Casino to shame. Light music of several old melodies provided with the compliments of Daya Ginige were played in the background throughout the day.
A long day and afternoon ended with the following being those who shared the spoils:

1. Brett Gonsalves
2. John Ragell
3. Rebecca Joachim
4. Mayuran Sivarajah
5. Chris Fernando
6. Nirosha Isaacs

After a well laid out lunch of Lamprai and Buriyani, which was well managed by Neru Weerasinghe and Yogesh Sri Rangan, where all guests were personally treated to Thomian hospitality, everyone gathered for the most successful event of the day.  The best was left for last – BINGO.
With Daya G rolling the numbers, and DR calling out the event that commenced around 4:00 pm kept going, on and on and on…….  Everyone gathered got totally excited and had more sheets to fill as the afternoon progressed.  There were prizes for Top Line, Crosses and BINGO.  This was an event that saw everyone involved.  Mothers, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wives, Young and Old.
Finally, a great and exciting day had to come to a conclusion around 6:20 pm.
The day’s proceedings ended with the awarding of prizes to all those gathered with Methodist’s Saro Niles and STC’s Hiran being called upon to do the honours.
With the day’s collections and after all expenses, the STC OBA and Methodist College Association were able to announce a donation to the Leukemia Research Foundation of $ 550.

In conclusion, special mention must be made of the hard working teams from both organizations:

Anushya Ranasinghe, Indrani Wootler, Chandri de Silva, Indrani Amerasinghe & Saro Niles.

Project Chairman – DR, Balen Rajanathan, Ram Thirugnanam, Jehan Ahamed, Shantha Jayasekera, Chian de Silva, Sanjay Perera & Daya Ginige.

Finally thanks to, Bravo Logistics for their donation of $ 500 towards the lunch, Saro and Ravi Niles for bringing a ‘giveaway gift’ to all those attending & Jehan for use of UFCW premises.
Though a long, long day, everyone went home with a ‘smile on their face’ and a ‘promise to return next year’.
Thank you, everyone who made this event happen.  Easily one of the best organized, meaningful and fun day that the STC OBA has ever organized.

Hiran A


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